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We often ask potential candidates if they are ready for a change.

We have had to ask ourselves that same question.

January is that time, when it is natural to think about changes, starting with writing the new year--2020.

And 2020 has already brought about several changes: 

  • Our partner Rick Underberg’s planned retirement 
  • Three new people on our team. (New Team Members)  

And our business has served private businesses - family-owned as well as privately-held, publicly-held companies, healthcare organizations, non-profits and academic institutions.  In fact, 2019 was one of our best and most diverse years.  

Change is a constant in business, we all know that one. 

And as was mentioned in the blog last month, I have become acutely aware and thankful for the strengths of individuals to thrive in this change. Accepting that CHANGE is what ultimately drives growth, both personally and professionally, even when it seems easier to resist.  

I want to highlight a few points from this article (referenced below) that reinforce why we should embrace disruption.

Change is the Only Thing That's Constant: Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Disruption

  • “Soft skills, unlike coding languages, standard operating procedures, or new management platforms, aren’t skills that employers are generally able to teach, which is why hiring around them is so important. The point is, things on the periphery change—but that doesn’t mean that business has to change at the core.”
  • “Startups and small businesses are perfect for their ability to treat each team member as an important part of their daily operations and systems. By devoting resources to these employee’s training and upskilling, you’ll be cultivating a culture of workers who not only feel cared about by their employer, but who reciprocate that care in their own work.”

Incorporating the talents and strengths of new team members as well as taking the opportunity to examine and improve the process of our organization has not been an either/or. We have taken on BOTH by investing in tools that help us be “best in class” and use them to their full extent by participating in training and technology upgrades.

Our mission/vision for Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates is to serve our clients with integrity and accept disruption as our guide.  We have embraced this opportunity to invite strengths in the newest team members to use collective knowledge, experience and creativity to tackle new opportunities and help our clients navigate through change.  We are honored to serve you as we enter 2020 and beyond.  

(A special thank you to Debra Palmquist [see] for writing our January Blog.)