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How We Work

We get to know our client companies.

We tour, learn about culture and have conversations with senior management teams to really understand their needs. That way, we’re able to customize position specifications that resonate with the right candidates. Importantly, we pride ourselves in finding candidates 1) with backgrounds that satisfy or exceed requirements and 2) who will fit seamlessly into our client’s culture.

We do original research.

Our research is a differentiator: our dedicated in-house researchers dig into each search to determine appropriate networks, firms and associations to target. Our vast database is just one of many resources used to develop a candidate pool.


We strive to provide a diverse pool of candidates for each of our search assignments. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

We commit to our clients that we will:

  • Interview all candidates, verify education and ensure agreed-upon position specifications are met before formally presenting to our clients.
  • Only present candidates who are fully aware they are being presented and have given their approval.
  • Continually inform prospects and candidates of their status throughout the search process.
  • Protect candidate confidentiality at all times.
  • Not recruit from a client company or any of its subsidiaries for at least one year from the completion of the last assignment.
  • Never actively recruit any candidate our firm has placed with a client company for the length of the individual’s employment.
  • Never identify a client company to sources, prospects, candidates or other outside interests until authorized by the client company.
  • Not conduct reference checks without the knowledge and signed consents of candidates.

About Retained Search

We offer only retained search services because we believe in a more personal, dedicated approach. Our clients wisely recognize that our investment in the search itself makes a difference.

We’re connectors of people, and we know a lot of people.

We develop and maintain strong consulting relationships with both our client companies and our candidates.

Our arrangements are always exclusive. Our searches are fully comprehensive.

We conduct intensive, focused research of related industries, companies and individuals. We pride ourselves in the art of exhaustive exploration and set our search bar high. We limit our commitments in order to devote substantial time to each.

We take it all on.

We thoroughly screen, interview, verify and reference candidates ourselves. Because we so carefully assess a candidate’s fit, productivity is maximized for both candidates and hiring companies. Only the finalists we choose are presented to our client companies.

Candidates like working with us.

We keep them informed, deliver specifications and answer questions that help them prepare well. We respect their time: the interviews we engage in are specific to the competencies and critical success factors for each opportunity we present.

We stick with it until placement is achieved.

We see our clients, both corporate and candidate, through negotiations and help to facilitate decisions that are mutually beneficial.

We are often asked how Contingent Search services differ from Retained Search services...

  • Groups offering contingent search services are usually not exclusive; most often, several firms are working on the same search.
  • Contingency recruiters typically need to juggle a high volume of job openings.
  • Original research (industry and position specific) is seldom practiced.
  • Contingency recruiters generally do not conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates.
  • Contingent firms may send a candidate’s resume to multiple employers.
  • Clients are expected to sift through many resumes and conduct all candidate interviews.