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Who Is Doing Your Search Work?

I was recently at a networking event and ran into one of my well-respected local competitors.  We were talking about the economy and our industry.  We were both pleasantly busy.  He commented, however, that his focus was to get out of the daily candidate calling and let others do that for him. 

First Impressions Matter

How do the people we present to you react to calls?  How are they on the phone?  Is their voicemail message professional?  We are the call that candidates receive during their work day.  It is sometimes a welcome call; other times it can be an annoyance – an interruption.  How do they respond?

We Can Answer That Directly

Our clients seem to like that the Principals of their chosen search firm can comment about candidate interaction from the first call.  More importantly, because we talk with candidates multiple times during our involvement with them, we can discuss patterns of interaction.  Are they engaged?  Are they open and honest?  Do they make time or schedule time for discussions?  Do they follow-up?

Ask Us – We Can Tell You

One of the questions you should ask your search consultant is who is doing the actual work – research, calling, candidate interaction/assessment, interviewing, etc.  Please ask us – we are proud to tell you.