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Tough Times Bring New Behaviors

No one would wish our current COVID-19 environment on anyone.  It is a tough time for our country, our families, our friends and our businesses.  We are in this together – and will get through it.  We hope and pray it will be as quick and painless as possible. 


We are in the people business.  We reach out and interact with people who are busy in their work and personal life.  We interrupt their work and life flow to talk about potential opportunities.  What we have witnessed in the last few weeks has been the best in people. 

  • People are polite:  Not that they weren’t before, but people are more thoughtful in their response – electronically or by phone. 
  • People start with the personal:  While no one is trying to get a ‘family demographic’ from our interaction, people are sharing some of their personal life – sharing bandwidth with their family, warnings of potential dog barking in the background, along with ‘kid noise’ as part of our call’s ambiance.    
  • Calls end with a message:  Regardless of interest (on either side of the conversation), all calls end with something about staying safe and healthy.  There is a genuine desire for all of us to do well during this tough time. 


While we often have short memories about current events, this ‘event’ seems to have changed people.  While we want to get back to normal (the way things were), I hope we don’t get there at a 100% level. 

  • Let’s give people personal space.
  • Let’s continue to be thoughtful.
  • Let’s be flexible on how we allow people to work – we are clearly learning that we can be productive in an office or at a kitchen table.