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Things To Be Thankful For!

2020 . . . . . it has been a year to remember – and forget – all at the same time.   (Who would have thought that one of the more normal parts of 2020 would be Tiger King?)  I don’t know too many people that would want to repeat 2020, but there were some positive things that came from this unique (and hopefully, never repeated) year. 

  • Clients:  you have had a tough year.  Business models changing.  COVID at work – making sure you are keeping your employees safe.  You want your employees back – and recognize that this may not happen quickly or in the same manner it did in the past.  We applaud you for your amazing work. 
  • Candidates:  searches put on hold, and searches stopped – and then restarted.  Interviews with employers through Zoom.  And during it all, you were operating in a changing environment at work and home.  (How did that become the same place so quickly?)  We applaud you for your work ethic and tenacity in personal and professional situations. 
  • Co-workers:  while I miss seeing you LIVE, you did not miss a beat!  You have ‘flexed’ to our changing work environment and adjusted to the start/stop of assignments.  I am lucky every day to be on such a great team.
  • Acts of Kindness:  people have stepped up!  People are volunteering and donating when possible.  People encountered in grocery stores and other public venues seem more patient.  No one is having fun (wearing masks, social-distancing, etc.) – but we are doing all of this in a positive way and helping others when we can. 
  • New methods:  change is everywhere.  We can work from home; we can adopt new technology.  We can change how we engage with people – and do it well and respectfully. 

May we never repeat 2020 – but instead learn from it.  May we enter a 2021 that is positive.  May we remember the joy of little things (seeing people, etc.) and celebrate because of it! 

Wishing you all a safe AND healthy AND fantastic 2021 and beyond!