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There's more - additional trends that will impact us for years to come!

JWT - still known to many as J Walter Thompson - is one of the world's best know marketing communications companies.  (See  Each year, JWTIntelligence (see puts out a list of 10 trends that will shape our future for years to come.  The implications for business are incredible - for entrepreneurs, job seekers, executives looking to make a shift, etc.  Here is their 2014 list (with a brief definition/explanation for each item):

  1. Impressive experiences
    • We don't want a tour anymore - we want to BE an experience (climb a mountain, don't just drive by it)
  2. Do we speak visual?
    • We now speak in photos, selfies, video snippets, etc.
  3. The age of impatience
    • Expectations for speed and ease are rising exponentially
  4. Mobile as a gateway to opportunity
    • For emerging markets - healthcare, education, senior services, etc.
  5. Telepathic technology
    • Brain/computer recognition - brands are adjusting in a personalized way
  6. The end of anonymity
    • Being OFF the grid is becoming less and less possible - there are sensors everywhere
  7. Raging against the machine
    • We ARE beginning to both fear and resent technology - concerned about what we have lost in our rush for progress
  8. Remixing tradition
    • With EVERYTHING changing, we are mixing old traditions with what feels right
  9. Proudly imperfect
    • Quirky, messy and flawed are feeling more authentic and meaningful
  10. Mindful living
    • Trying to shed distractions/focus on the moment; we are trying to experience things in a more present and conscious manner


Look back at JWT's list for the past few years - you can see how their "Director of Trendspotting" has found trend areas that indeed have changed our world and the opportunities presented.  Each year JWT also produces a 2-minute video explaining the trends.  For 2014, see

Check back a few years - and move forward.  The story told is powerful.