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The Planning of 2020!

There is an old proverb - 'We plan; God laughs.'  This is a truth we can all relate to for 2020.  Vacation?  Summer getaway?  Reunion?  School?  

Things Turned Out Differently

We make careful plans.  We anticipate the journey, pre-thinking what it will be like to leave, arrive and eventually return.  2020 had its own plans, however.  Things will be different for a long time - maybe forever.  Some of that is okay - and we can build from that.  

The Business Of People

Call it what you want (Executive Search; Executive Talent Acquisition, etc.), we are in the business of people.  Our firm helps organizations build leadership teams.  This is not simply staffing.  It is a partnership with our clients.  We help our clients achieve their goals by working in partnership with them to find, hire and acclimate the people they need to achieve their goals.  We do that regardless of the circumstance.  They need results - and COVID made them even more resolute in their pursuit of these goals.  

Thankful for Our Team AND For Technology

We were ready - we just didn't know it.  We upgraded our main database/applicant tracking system - and went live early March.  All of our computers were up-to-date - and thankfully we can work from anywhere (or everywhere).  We partnered with our clients and candidates to help solve social distance hiring.  Each of our team members brought their creative skills to each challenge.  We coached clients on using technology when needed.  Skype?  That was so last decade.  The solutions today are so much more robust.  We have adopted and adapted - and worked with others on this journey to assure the leaders placed meet the new needs of today.  

Planning for the rest of 2020 and into 2021

Will we have a vaccine?  Will people come back to the office?  Do we need the office?  Each person has their own thoughts - and their own needs.  Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates will continue forward - and through commitment, partnership and flexibility, we will work with our clients to assure they hire the leaders they need tor whatever lies in store.  We plan - and make contingent plans - and then adjust each step during the journey to meet the situation-specific needs.  We are thankful for the planning we undertook as we entered 2020.  We continue to invest in what we need to address the changing world we are in.  

We look forward to our continued partnership with our clients and the places we will go together.