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Terms to know in 2014!

Java and Plasma -

  • words that one generation remembers as liquids (coffee and blood); words that another generation understands in terms of technology 

But there are more!

Let's make sure we understand the words being used around us today:

  • 404 – originally a technical term for Not Found 404 (which is an error message seen on a Web page to indicate a requested URL was not found on a server).  It is now slang to say “404” when someone is clueless.
  • BYOD – literally Bring Your Own Device (or BYOT – for Technology); the policy of permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) for use in the workplace where the employee can then access privileged company information and applications.
  • Ransom Note – the sting of letters or numbers that appear on some web pages that require you to type the sequence you see in order to gain access to another web page.
  • Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome - you feel your phone vibrate even when it isn't (or when your phone is off or NOT in your pocket).
  • Curated Commerce – based on the demand for personalization in everything we do, this term refers to creating unique product lines that provide customers with a distinct collection not offered by other online retailers in the market.  (Think – online shopping in highly personalized boutiques.)
  • DRM – code that keeps content like books, movies, music and generally purchased applications from being pirated. (Literal definition – Digital Rights Management.)
  • Assortment Intelligence – in ecommerce terminology, this refers to a set of tools and software used to help retailers track a competitor’s inventory. The software, in real-time, uses artificial intelligence, data-mining and image recognition algorithms allowing retailers to view, compare and analyze the differences between inventory.
  • Tethering – also called ‘mobile hotspot,’ this is the ability to share the data connection of a cellular device with other devices.

Let's have fun with these (more coming in the future) - and shock all of the generations.  (More Java please!)