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Technology – The Positive Impact Today

I remember when having a computer was still new (no age comments please).  In addition, there were actually ‘machines’ what were really just word processors.  The first ‘Word Processor’ I worked on was the size of a desk – an entire desk.  The promise then of the new technology was the amount of time that would be saved.  People were worried that we would not need as many workers. 

Work Impact

I don’t believe companies realized the savings through a reduced employee population.  Employers did find out that the work could be done differently, indeed more efficiently.  And more work was done.  A new department was added – IT (okay – sometimes multiple departments).  We grew reliant, especially as the technology became more affordable, smaller and, as a result, commonplace. 


Work/life balance – the growing mantra of employees and employers.  Workers were seeking it; employers were trying to provide it.  The reasons were different depending on your perspective, but the goal was the same.  Keep business going at the speed of technology, but allow people to live as well (in some cases, this was a retention strategy). 

With or Post-COVID-19

Work/life integration – this was a term and concept that started to be commonplace about a year ago.  Today, it is the norm.  In some cases, it was proactively adopted.  With COVID-19, it is simply a fact.  Companies are finding out that work can be done differently and effectively.   While no one wanted this change the way it was thrust upon us, we are adapting. 

We Are All Working Smarter

There will be a new normal – we just don’t fully know what that is.  The economy is starting to come back.  Most office workers seem to be working from home, with some venturing to offices on a part-time or rotating (with other workers) basis.  Work is being accomplished – and we will continue to get things done in new, innovative and likely better ways. 

Work/life integration will be our new mantra.  Let’s embrace it – and be better because of it.