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Social Media Lasts Forever

I have written on this topic in the past under different titles.  My favorite (title) still comes from a Head & Shoulders® commercial:

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Social media can be a lasting and damaging impression.  Who will see a private message or tweet?  Ask x-Congressman Anthony Weiner.  More recently, ask Laremy Tunsil (non-football fans may need to Google this). Both had career limiting (or ending) twitter 'accidents' . . . . . . both self-inflicted.

Social Media Rules Out One-Third Of Job Candidates

This is the title of a short article in the March 2016 HR Magazine - a SHRM publication.  It states that one-third of companies have disqualified job candidates due to concern over information uncovered through social media.

Google Yourself

Do it from a computer that does not know you so that you get pure results.  What is out there? You will want to know before the rest of the public has the chance to find out.

  • Is your LinkedIn page consistent with your resume?
  • Is your resume and LinkedIn page consistent with any company announcements about you? (We found an announcement about a Vice President position a candidate once had that he 'forgot' to put on his resume. Oops!)
  • Is your Facebook page and Twitter account one you would like others that might employ you to see?

The SHRM article says something that is a 'blinding glimpse of the obvious' - but one that some do not take to heart:

  • Social media is here to stay.  (STAY is the operative word.)