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Ready For A New Year!

July 31, 2018 - the end of a month.  For Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates, it is the end of a year - year 22.  August 1, 2018 - the start of year 23.  

Gratitude - to our clients and candidates.  You continue to trust us with helping you make decisions about hiring your most important asset - your people.  And Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates has done so with an amazing team - one that has stood the test of time (our newest employee has been with us for 14 years).  

For the second year in a row, we made Forbes Best Executive Recruiting Firms list - moving into the top 100 (see Forbes Best - Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates).  It is because of you, our clients and candidates, that we achieved this milestone.  

We've never received the call - an easy search and a long timeframe.  We want your challenges - and know that we can rise to the occasion.  We've done so over 600 times.  

So - thank you for the continued faith you put in us.  And - we're ready for more!