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Please return our calls!

Over the last few days, I spoke with two transition groups on How To Work With Recruiters.  We covered multiple topics - the general definition of retained versus contingent search, why we are hired, etc.  The entire presentation (to each group) ran roughly 80 minutes (for each group).  The candidates in the room were there for a reason - they want a relationship with a search firm.

Search Firms Work For The Employer

This was an important concept to explain - and have heard.  People intellectually understood it, but still wanted to know what we could do for them.  Here was the message - to them:

  • Return our calls:  if you call us back, one of two things can happen:
    • It could be a great opportunity for you.
    • It could be a great networking opportunity - a chance to pass a lead to someone in your network

Regardless - we will call you again - you were helpful to us.

  • Be visible:
    • While being on LinkedIn is critical today, it has become a 'meat' (and meet) market.

How do you become visible beyond LinkedIn?  We want leaders in industry and functional areas.  Get involved - more than being a member.  Do something in your career field so that we can find you.

  • Tell us the truth
    • If we get to a point where we want to meet you, we WILL verify your education.  From the moment we tell people this, there is a 10%+ drop-off . . . . . . candidates that did not tell us the truth about their degree.

No matter how talented you are, you cannot recover from telling us a lie about something so basic.  Our immediate question is - what ELSE is not true?  (We won't be calling to find out.)

We do want to work with you!

We simply ask that you allow us to find you - and when we do, you will at least talk to us.

We are seeing a strong job market - and our field (retained search) is a leading economic indicator

We are seeing a strong job market - across industries and functions.  If you want to explore, now is the time.

Wishing you the best in your career - and please call us back!