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Navy SEAL Principles

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal published a great article last week.  17 Navy SEAL Principles That Every Salesperson Should Practice (by Gregg Swanson) is actually written for the benefit of salespeople. That said, these principles should apply to everyone for multiple endeavors. Some need an explanation; many do not.  If you are a job seeker (and we are not in the career transition business as a retained search firm), these are principles you have to adopt.  Here are some great words of advice:

  1. Develop mental strength
  2. Set (and achieve) micro-goals
  3. Mentally rehearse success
  4. Convince yourself you can do this
  5. Control your energy
    • According to the article, when our bodies feel overwhelmed, we release cortisol and endorphins. These chemicals cause our palms to sweat, etc. Finding the optimal energy level will keep you at the top of your game.
  6. Be aware
    • You need to be aware of how your prospect is responding to your message.
  7. Avoid bad situations
    • How many times have we taken something on that we should have avoided?
  8. Practice humility
  9. Find three mentors/coaches
  10. Do small things right
  11. Be informed about evaluating others
    • We know our own personality type. Being able to identify those of our prospects is essential.
  12. Suck it up
    • We are all faced with tasks we do not want to do. Do them anyway.
  13. Sometimes, be first
    • Think out of the box. Often we get trapped into doing things the same old way. Be the first to try a new approach.
  14. Take on the sharks
  15. Identify the W.I.N.
    • W.I.N. stands for "what's important now."
  16. Be happy - if you can't - be happy anyway
    • Let's face it - no one likes to be around a grumpy person.
  17. Persevere - don't ring the bell

Let me end this (as this article did) with a great quote from Winston Churchill:

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."

Wishing you the best in all of your endeavors.