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How To Work With Recruiters

Every few months, I meet with a group of executives in transition to present on the topic, How To Work With Recruiters


There are commonly three themes to the discussion.  In short, they are:

  • We (Retained Search Firms) work for the employer (client).
  • Please return our calls (hard to have a relationship if you don’t reach back).
    • If we do call you, it could be a great opportunity for you OR a fantastic networking opportunity for a connection of yours.
  • Be visible in your profession and industry (so we can find you). 

Be original AND genuine

Recently, there is a new theme to the COLD outreach e-mails we receive from candidates.  Here is the exact language that we have started to receive daily from candidates (four paragraphs) – only the name/profession is removed:

  • I am interested in speaking with you regarding your firm’s services for two reasons.
  • Due to the nature of my work, when new projects or expanded programs are launched I am typically required to acquire world class talent at an expeditious pace. Therefore I have a few questions regarding the types of candidates you source when filling openings with qualified candidates.
  • Additionally, I am looking for a new opportunity myself. If you have current or prospective clients who may be looking for a ______________________, perhaps we can help each other out provided we both feel I meet your client’s needs and qualifications.
  • Please feel free to contact me directly.

Let’s be honest.  When you then include the link to your LinkedIn profile, we know you want to find a new job – right away. 

We do want to know you

While we are retained (hired) by the employer (client), we do want to get to know you.  That does not translate to coffee at your request, but it does mean developing a relationship over time (months and/or years).  Our clients have specific needs . . . . . one never knows. 

Let’s start a dialogue – and get to know each other.