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Honored Again – Thank You!

We found out this month that we again made the Forbes List of Best Executive Recruiting Firms.  See  This was, again, totally unexpected. 

How, you might ask, does this come as a surprise?

Forbes worked with Statista, an analytics firm.  They identified 4,000 recruiters.  They then invited recruiters, employees who have worked with recruiters over the past three years, and HR Managers to take an online survey.  They gathered a total of 20,000 recommendations.  Firms were ranked by recommendations received.  We were never surveyed/contacted until the compilations were complete. 

It is the Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates Team

Simply put, it is the entire team that makes this recognition possible.  We are an unusually set-up executive search firm.  We do everything as a team.  No individual credit for bringing in an account or finding/vetting/placing a candidate.  It is the team that gets it done.  It makes going to work a pleasure. 

Thank you again! 

I don’t know if you, as a Blog reader, were surveyed.  Regardless, we thank you for this incredible honor and will do our best to keep the trust you have in us.