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Happy New Year! (sub-title: Let the Recruiting Begin!)

Happy New Year!  Remember to write 2015 on everything (I used to say write 2015 on your checks - but who writes checks anymore).

The Job Market is Heating Up

I was reviewing this morning and found the first article I want to post for all to see:

This article by John Zappa (see, references multiple surveys that all trend the same way - we are in a strong job market.

What Candidates Are Saying

As someone who talks with candidates daily across multiple industries and functions, we hear a consistent message:

  • You are the third (or fourth) call we have received this week about a similar position.

Considering all we do is retained search and that each opportunity we work on is exclusive to our firm, this consistent comment translates into a buyer's market for candidates.

Conference Board Information

Many of you know that I follow the Conference Board updates.  Here are two that further make the above point:

As the title says - Let The Recruiting Begin!

  • Employers - let's make sure you have the right value proposition - why an employee from another organization would want to be on your team.
  • Candidates - let's make sure you know what you want from your career and what the next opportunity should include for you to consider making a move.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2015!