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I was reading Friday’s Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (from October 12, 2018).  There is a program coming up called the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Awards for Ethics.  The accompanying information says the program is an opportunity to meet and mingle with local companies and community leaders who value ethics and integrity. 

I do applaud ethics and ethical leaders!

Maybe this is a simple assumption – but I also expect ethics from the people I do business with – and I assume they expect the same from me/my firm.  The BBB went on to list their Standards for Trust.  One of the eight standards was a simple three word message – Tell the Truth!

Ethics and the Search Field 

We often talk about – and Blog about – ethics.  These posts get the most comments (positive).  I continue to be stunned that this is a surprising topic, but it is.  When I am in a meeting with a client or prospective client and the topic of ethics is discussed, the people I am with are often surprised by the stories I share (falsified degrees; search firms that place and take candidates from the same client, etc.).  That said, each person is also able to share stories where they have run into the situation I mentioned (a person with a false degree or made-up background; a firm that has taken from them – but also charged them a fee for placing someone with them at about the same time). 

A company with a name that includes the words Deception Services 

In a meeting I was in today, I shared the website of a company I am aware of that will help a person create fictitious references or some sort of alibi.  My word of caution to you as the reader of this Blog – be careful and ask questions of any service provider you are considering.  Simply put, ethics is commonly spoken of but not as commonly followed.  Worse, there are companies that will work to make you think you are learning the truth when you are actually about to hire the exact opposite. 

Ethics in the search field 

This should not be a short topic.