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Entering Year 21!

My co-founders and I have different start dates for Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates. Ken/Mary Abeln and I (David Magy) started the firm in 1996 . . . . . Ken and Mary on July 1, 1996 - with me joining them on August 1, 1996.  (My delay - completing my transition from Career Dynamics, co-owned by three parties including the Abelns and Magys.)

Regardless of the 'official' start date, we are now in (or entering on Monday) year 21.

Let me start with a thank you - to our wonderful clients and the amazing team I get to work with daily.

We work as a team - something that is rare in the retained (or contingent) search world.  As one of my business partners (Rick Underberg) often says, two heads are better than one; three heads are better than two.  We don't own clients or candidates.  We all own the search process and outcome.  No internal competition needed - we simply want to assure the success of our clients.

Let me end this (brief) post with another thank you.

We look forward to working with you (clients and candidates) for many years to come!