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Business Trends for 2018

Each year, we put together information on business trends - what are the growth industries and specific business ideas that will have years of impact for us/the economy.  For this we go to the experts - organizations that produce future-oriented information.  For business owners, specifically entrepreneurs, this trend information is insightful.  Industries that were not even dreamed of a few years ago are now making the news. is one of the best sights for a quick review.  Each year, they put out a list of the top smart business ideas for the coming year.  Here is their 2018 list:

15 Smart Business Ideas for 2018

  • 1.Car Repair Concierge
  • 2.Translation Services
  • 3.Disaster Consulting
  • 4.Green Consulting
  • 5.Ghostwriting
  • 6.Multicultural Marketing Expert
  • 7.Wheelchair Repair Service
  • 8.Crowdfunding Consultant
  • 9.Healthy Fast Food (dm – think Food Truck!)
  • 10.Social Media Consulting
  • 11.Home Healthcare Services
  • 12.Cannabis Licensing Consultant
  • 13.Freelance Copywriter
  • 14.Tech Implementation Consulting
  • 15.Professional Organizing

Don't be thrown by the names.  Read the article to get the real color.

The best sight for trends - U.S. and Global - and one I subscribe to, is  JWT stands for J. Walter Thompson, one of the best marketing and branding organizations in the world.  They have people who are responsible for trend-spotting (sounds like a fun position).  Check out their Future 100 list (see Future 100 for 2018).  

Feel free to contact me (David Magy - for more information sources.  

Enjoy Looking Into The Future!