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Being Prepared for an Active Job Market

You weren’t expecting a key position to become open, but it is happening with greater frequency. In a ‘normal’ economy with low unemployment (think pre-COVID), it is considered a sign of confidence in the market when people leave their jobs voluntarily and proactively. They know they can get reemployed. Well . . . . . . we are seeing it again (and for all levels of employment). In fact, this is one of the most active job markets we have ever seen.  

Employee Engagement

Employment engagement, retention tactics and succession planning are perhaps more important than ever. Employers have had to adjust engagement strategies over the last year and a half to address the questions: 

  • How do you maintain a cadence of ‘normal’ communication with the added challenges of remote work and health updates? 
  • How do you assess the mood of people when you only see them on pre-set Zoom meetings?   

“Work where you do your best work”

That is the tagline from one of our past client companies.  It represents the ultimate in flexibility.  It addresses in one line the fact that each person is in a unique situation relating to getting their work accomplished.  This client will, on occasion, still need to have in-person meetings where collaboration is critical (not something that can be accomplished with today’s technology).  That said, it takes our work and life and offers an individual path toward integration. 

Back to engagement

The current active job market means employers will likely need to refocus efforts in this area once again, as well as reassess their strategies. Tactics may take on different guises, but the goal of each needs to be the facilitation of dialogue—ongoing dialogue. Keep talking, keep asking, keep letting people know that they are valuable and appreciated. Keep a focus on results and continued development. And keep being flexible. The topic of flexibility will be with us for a while: Many employees are seeking an individual path toward work/life integration. 

Working with an Executive Recruitment Firm  

When a leadership position comes open, planned or otherwise, it might be time to engage with an executive search firm. Working with an executive search firm like Abeln, Magy, Underberg & Associates can help ease the pressure and time commitments that come with the filling of a vital company role. An established search firm allows access to a vast business network and to proven sourcing methods and technologies. As a retained search firm, we take on less commitments so that we can give the time each of our clients and searches deserve.