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Being Less Professional With The Search Firm?

I was recently told by a candidate I was screening for a Vice President (of Human Resources) position that he was answering me ‘directly’ but would be more professional when really being interviewed by the employer. 

We Are Paid To Assess People

I wish I was perfect.  I try every day – and I will keep trying harder.  That said, I know that with each interaction, I am judged by someone.  The host/hostess at a restaurant or the receptionist at a business.  In each case, I am likely to encounter another person at the location – a server or manager or owner.  I try to behave in the same way with everyone – they all deserve the best behavior and appreciation for the work they do. 

We Assess Current Executives

When I am in casual conversations with my clients and they ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I am paid to “unfairly judge people every day.”  With each interaction, I make a judgement and it is the culmination of multiple interactions (and eventually an interview) that leads me to the decision to refer a candidate or reject a candidate. 

An Extension Of The Client

We are an extension of our clients.  That means we can not and will not do anything they wouldn’t do.  We are their talent acquisition department for key leadership roles.  What that means is saying something to us IS saying something to them.  (By the way, that also means we cannot do something that would be illegal for the client to do.  We can’t discriminate – although we were once asked to do so . . . . . and we stopped working for that client.  That will be the subject of another blog.) 

Give Us Your Best 

We will do our best to do the same for you.