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A Great Article To Start 2016

Happy New Year!  It's the last day of 2015 - time for one more Blog to end the year and, most importantly, give people a great start to 2016.

13 Things You Should Never Say On Your First Day At Work

This article appeared earlier this week in the (Minneapolis) StarTribune.  The author, Rachel Gillett, gives the reader simple and easy-to-understand advice for people embarking on a new job/career journey.  (I have chosen to just list the 13 items; additional detail can be found in her article - see  Let me end 2015 with Rachel's list:

  1. "At my last company . . . . . " or "In my last job . . . . . "
  2. When do I get a raise?
  3. By the way, I have to leave early on Fridays.
  4. Who should I meet and who should I avoid around here?
  5. That's not how I learned how to do it.
  6. What's the holiday party like?  Do we get bonuses or a ham or something?
  7. What d'ya have to do around here to get an upgrade on this company phone?
  8. That makes no sense.
  9. My prior boss was clueless.
  10. I'd like to invite you all to my church this Sunday.
  11. In my opinion . . . . .
  12. What's the employee discount like?
  13. Hey Donna, working hard or hardly working?

Simple but critical advice - with a simple goal of getting you off to a great start.

Let me wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year!