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Are we getting the truth?

If I am not on the phone while in the car (insert judgment here if you must - at least it's Bluetooth), I listen to talk shows.  I do not care (necessarily) about the topic; I just find talk shows interesting - and the diversity of topics makes great small talk - important for what I do.  The topic of a show from last month concerned me however - and it should concern you as well (in my humble opinion).

Beyond degree falsification

I've ranted before about the 10% to 15% degree falsification rate we see.  To briefly explain again, we have candidates sign a Consent for Release form so that we can verify their education and (eventually) check references.  AFTER they sign, we simply verify what they have on their resume - and still have the 10% to 15% falsification rate.

So - well beyond degree falsification

The talk show I listened to was on the topic of a company with Deception Services in the company's name.  It is a company that will help you deceive someone/some organization. While I do not want to give the full company name here OR their website, I did check out the site.  Among their offerings are:
  • Job references
  • Filling in of work history gaps
  • Creation of a fake boss
  • Verification of skills

Please tell me this concerns you too!

I was simply shocked - yet it is there and legal.  The website provides an appropriate amount of legalese - and it will not cross certain boundaries (verifying employment with a law enforcement agency, for example).  That said, it will cover for you with most generic employment types. AND the organization will provide a phone number in the city/area you need for as long as you want it - and have it answered.  They even offer monthly packages for consistent phone answering coverage.

Short - and too the point - make sure you know you are getting the truth.