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Causing (Okay - Predicting) Turnover?

Each week, I check for articles. There is usually at least one article that sticks out as important to read or post (we post on our website ( and Facebook page; we also tweet the article name/location).  This past week, one stuck out.
  • Hiring Wisdom: Top 10 Ways to Guarantee Your Best People Will Quit  by Mel Kleiman
This article was originally published in the April 2013 Humetrics Hiring Hints newsletter.  It is worth repeating here. Employee engagement has been a very hot topic lately. As recently as two weeks ago, I was on a webinar conducted by Don MacPherson, President of Modern Survey (see  While I won't go into all of the details/their findings, the bottom line was that they found that only 1 in 10 employees is fully engaged.  Combining Modern Survey's survey results with this article, it is easy to conclude that there are some rather simple but important steps that business leaders can take to keep their best people. Written in the negative, here are Mel Kleiman's top 10 ways to guarantee unwanted turnover: 10)  Treat everyone equally. 9)   Tolerate mediocrity. 8)   Have dumb rules. 7)   Don't recognize outstanding performance. 6)   Don't have any fun at work. 5)   Don't keep your people informed. 4)   Micromanage. 3)   Don't develop an employee retention strategy. 2)   Don't do employee retention interviews. 1)   Make your onboarding program an exercise in tedium.

Companies that align talent and business strategies have a higher return on equity

Ernst & Young, through their analysis, found that companies that align talent and business strategies have a 20% higher return on equity than those that do not pursue this strategy.  Combine this with the recent PricewaterhouseCoopers finding that only 30% of CEO's are "very confident" that they will have the talent they need over the next 3 years, and you have a strategic roadmap for employee engagement and company performance. Simply put, the above 10 items can be your action plan for this year and beyond.