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It's not just what you say - it's how you say it!

Terminology - it seems to be changing all the time.  Change is all around us.  We embrace it through technology. (What percentage of the population is using the same phone they used as few as three years ago.)  We embrace it at work. Now - we need to use and understand the terms that are becoming common today.  Here is a partial list - with definitions.
  • Private Cloud - a marketing term for proprietary computing architecture that provides externally hosted services (behind a firewall) to an individual or small group.
  • Wearable Computer - computer-powered devices that can be worn by a user including clothing, watches, glasses or shoes (also known as body-borne computers).  A common example today is for runners - devices provide heart monitoring and pedometer capabilities during your run.
  • Curated Commerce - based on the demand for personalization in everything we do, this term refers to creating unique product lines that provide customers with a distinct collection not offered by other online retailers in the market.  (Think - online shopping in highly personalized boutiques.)
  • Targeted Tweets - enhanced twitter messages that enable brands to reach specific people or audiences on Twitter without having to send the tweet to all followers.
  • Internet Meme - a concept or idea that spreads 'virally' from one person to another via the internet.  (The most common meme is an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption.)
  • Assortment Intelligence - in ecommerce terminology, this refers to a set of tools and software used to help retailers track a competitor's inventory. The software, in real-time, uses artificial intelligence, data-mining and image recognition algorithms allowing retailers to view, compare and analyze the differences between inventory.
  • Ransom Note - the random letters or words written in multiple fonts that must be entered into your computer in order to complete an action.
  • DRM - code that keeps content like books, movies, music and generally purchased applications from being pirated. (Literal definition - Digital Rights Management.)
  • Tethering - also called 'mobile hotspot,' this is the ability to share the data connection of a cellular device with other devices.

You're now ready for your next cocktail party - let's see what words you can dazzle people with!