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Follow-Up to Last Three Entries!

I am resisting the strong desire to Blog more often than twice/month.  I now have a Twitter account (follow me: @David_Magy), but this venue seems more appropriate for some things (anything longer than 140 characters).

Three Follow-Up Items:

Post and Pray (from 5/16):

I was recently in a meeting with the COO of an organization.  We were talking about a few areas of need when the company President walked into the meeting.  He assumed we were talking about a completely different opening – a critical role that they had open for 4 months (without any progress).  The COO asked the President if he wanted to pay more in fees (versus continuing on their own – through the ‘post and pray’ method as we have termed it).  The President’s comment: “It might be cheaper (to pay the fee).” From Sarah Gasparini (@sarahgasparini):
  • (Tweet from 6/10):  only 14% is actively looking while 66% are passive or NOT looking – what do your candidates look like?

Does everyone have a LinkedIn account? (from 5/31)

I recently received a LinkedIn invitation from someone I did not know (through any level of my connections).  I use my LinkedIn account with people that I know (not with candidates).  I in-mailed the person that invited me to ask if I knew him.  His response:
  • “No I don’t think we know each other. I authorized linked in to go into my contact list and send invitations but you are not in my contact list; nor do we have any 2nd level connections.”
How well do we know our 1st level contacts?  (I think this was my first automated LinkedIn invitation.)  My opinion – make sure you have some reason for your connections.  People will use your name as the introduction source – and you will want to assure you are comfortable with your name being ‘bantered about.’

E-mail Fatigue (from 6/15):

At a lunch meeting earlier this month, I mentioned the term e-mail fatigue and my guest rolled her eyes.  She stated that she was well over 100 e-mails behind and was having difficulty keeping up.  She then gave me her solution:
  • “If it is really critical, they will call me. “

Send us your stories/comments.  AND have a great 4th of July holiday!