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Recovery and its Implications

This is the theme of discussions and conferences

Earlier this week, Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota held their spring conference. The focus/title was Post Recession Strategies: Regroup - Retain - Recruit. On April 16th, the University of Minnesota is hosting its 31st Annual HR Tomorrow Conference. The title is The Changing Face of HR: Navigating in the 'New Normal'.

What are employees REALLY saying about their employers?

The tech-savvy candidate (and you need people to have this ability) is checking out his/her options - and more and more options are coming to the forefront. Check the following websites and see if your employer is listed:

Did 2009 Really Change Anything?

On April 8th, came out with an article by this very title. According to the article, there were three insights that came from their research:
  • The critical importance of talent at all job levels for all companies
  • The difficulty of competing for talent in an increasingly fragmented job market
  • The growing efficiency gap between technology 'haves' and 'have-nots'
The article stated that 2009 represented a reprieve in the War for Talent as employees hunkered down, but the reprieve is looking to be short-term.

Hewitt on Communications

Hewitt Associates, well known for their global HR consulting, came out with an article called Ten Principles for Leadership Communication. Some of their themes and principles included:
  • Everything communicates - policies, incentives, treatment of people going in or out.
  • One size does not fit all - vary the communications for your diverse audiences.
  • There is a difference between information AND communication.
The conclusion from all of the above - make sure you start working today on getting employees to re-engage in your company.