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Google Yourself . . . . . A Step Beyond Social Networking

Each week, I get my weekly LinkedIn Updates e-mail. I find who my contacts have added as their contacts; I see all status changes. One trend seems to be changing the picture on the top right of the profile (I assume updating). Now one can ask . . . . . why the picture anyway? If we are 'linked' together - don't we know each other well? (That by itself could be a Blog entry - and likely will be in the future.) Unless your name is John or Jane Smith (my apologies to all John and Jane Smiths), you should Google yourself. And if you have time, google some of your friends/acquaintances.

LinkedIn is yours; Google results happen to you

We control our LinkedIn content; it is clear from the number of status updates that we are all constantly upgrading what we say/write. (I am guilty as well, by the way.)
  • Have you ever seen a bad reference?
  • Have you ever seen a bad picture?
  • Do you find misspellings? (They are corrected quickly; wording is consistently polished.)
Now - and I mean right now (after you read this), google yourself. Start clicking on everything with your name . . . . . and go beyond the first page.

Due diligence goes beyond LinkedIn

It is amazing what can be learned through simply keying in a person's name.
  • Are they as active in their profession as their resume or LinkedIn profile states?
  • Are there employer announcements referencing positions that are not on the profile?
  • Are there news stories that the typical candidate would prefer did not exist?

LinkedIn is only the beginning

It seems that we are all using LinkedIn in some manner. It is an efficient way to keep up with people that we know somewhat well. It can be a great business community. LinkedIn is not the whole story. It is simply the story we want people to quickly see. Have fun - take the time (sometimes substantial, but well worth it) and see what you (and others) may learn.