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Employee Engagement - for 2010

Happy New Year!

I think there are many of us who simply want to welcome in 2010 (AND send off 2009). It has been a tough year for most people on some level. Let's resolve to look ahead rather than behind.

BUT . . . . .

. . . . . that said, 2009 was a year of low turnover. I recently attended a panel presentation of key talent acquisition leaders from varying large twin cities-based companies. There was little worry (in 2009) about retention stated. They were, of course, looking ahead and thinking about what may happen as the economy improves.

What can we do as we begin 2010?

In looking at as many published studies and articles as possible, there are multiple themes that emerge. In summary, however, the 2009 ExecuNet Executive Job Market Intelligence Report put it well:
"If you want your key team to be in place at the end of this year, you need to be sure you are placing at least as much time and energy into retention as you are into focusing on the company performance goals."

A resolution for 2010!

Start the year with communication! Honesty is the best policy - and repeating messages often and in new, creative ways keeps employees informed AND away from speculating about what is happening. One final thought for our last entry of 2009. It comes from hearing Brad Anderson, the former CEO and Vice Chair of Best Buy, speak at a recent HR Executive Forum meeting. Among his many pearls of wisdom, he stated that "employee engagement is predictive of their (Best Buy's) sales numbers." This statement alone is reason enough to focus on engagement!

Wishing you all a fantastic and successful 2010!